Industrial Design & Textile Design




Valerie is a native Californian, currently living and working in North Carolina as a Textile Designer. In May 2017, she completed her Masters of Science degree in Industrial Design with an emphasis in Textile Design from Philadelphia University. Her work is focused on the overlap of feminism, creative solutions through material exploration, and environmentalism; her thesis work can be seen here on the Scrapcycle page.

After graduating with a BA in Feminist Studies from University of California at Santa Cruz, Valerie worked with children in academic and recreational settings. During that time she decided to go live in Spain and travel for 6 months. Inspired to go back to school and learn more about textiles and fashion, she returned to California and attended a 2-year Certificate program in Apparel Design and Merchandising at the College of Alameda. Those studies led her to look at the Industrial Design graduate program at Philadelphia University. 

Having explored many different disciplines, Valerie is committed to bringing her unique intersectional viewpoint to every project. As an avid sewist, Valerie enjoys finding creative uses for non-traditional materials and product solutions specific to textiles. As a feminist, she looks to cultivating the social impact of her work, whether it be through sustainable/recycled materials or through improving ergonomics. 

Her resume can be viewed here.